Winter Concert Series

Click HERE for the Winter 2018 Lineup!

Art For Health

A series of FREE workshops led by local visual and performing artists for children ages 6-12.  Art for Health focuses on music and art using performance, demonstrations and other fun activities.  Children are challenged while building friendships, embracing diverse experiences and learning new skills.

Workshops are held throughout the area at different times of the year.  Contact Terry Lundahl at 920-493-5979 for more information or to register for a class.


Prepared Childbirth Classes

We encourage all expectant parents to attend Prepared Childbirth classes. Moms can attend with their partner or someone else who will be their labor companion. It is recommended to come in the 6-8th month of your pregnancy. We may have to change dates or cancel for unexpected reasons and will let you know if that should occur.  To register for a class, please click here.


Living Room Series

The Living Room Series is a unique way for people to connect with various providers and specialists to learn more about a wide array of health-related topics.  The FREE programs are held on the DCMC campus throughout the year and vary in subjects such as “Menopause Mania” or “Mindful Eating” as well as “ADHD in Children”, to topics focusing on integrative medicine practices such as Craniosacral Therapy.  Participants can gain first-hand knowledge from DCMC providers, engage in discussion, and do so while enjoying a comfortable, home-like atmosphere with complementary snacks and beverages.


Stroke Support Group

The Stroke Support group typically meets over lunch on the second Thursday of each month at the Door County Senior & Community Resource Center.  Family and/or friends are welcome to attend to talk with providers and other staff who are experienced with patients who’ve experienced a stroke and all of the changes that brings to one’s life.  


Door County Adult Workshops and Opportunities

Call Christy Wisniewski, Outreach Specialist, for more information or to register for any of the following workshops or educational opportunities at 746-3504.
  • Powerful Tools for Caregivers
    • An evidence-based workshop for a family caregiver who is feeling challenged to maintain daily activities such as exercise, relaxation, or healthy living.  Coping with guilt, anger or depression.  Wanting to feel more confidence in meeting care demands.  Feeling stuck or looking for resources to make caregiving easier.
  • Living Well with Chronic Conditions
    • An evidence-based workshop for adults with long-term health conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, and others.
  • M.IN.D (Memory In Development)
    • A workshop for adults with early memory loss who are looking to engage in exercises that stimulate brain activity.  Want to identify local resources that support their brain health and well being. Want to connect with others navigating the symptoms of early memory loss.
  • Memory Cafe
    • “What if I can’t come up with a name or the right word?” “Who will understand these uncharacteristic ways my spouse acting?” “Will we ever experience fun times with friends again?” These are the all too common questions which Door County’s Memory Café has been designed to resolve. There is a place where people can nurture relationships and form new ones with people who know. Learn more here.
  • Virtual Dementia Tour
    • The Virtual Dementia Tour is an individual experience through simulated dementia created for families, organizations and companies seeking to better understand the physical and mental challenges of those with dimentia.  This unique, interactive program has been shown to improve communication and care.  This opportunity is by scheduled appointment only.  Please call 920-746-3504.
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