Essentially “compliance” can be easily explained as “doing the right thing at the right time” with a little bit of the Golden Rule thrown in:  “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”   DCMC strives to carry out its operations in compliance with federal and state regulations, as well as accrediting and licensing rules. 

Patient Privacy/HIPAA

DCMC is committed to safeguarding the privacy and security of confidential patient health information regardless of the format (written, verbal, electronic, paper, fax, records, portal, e-mail, etc.).   Safeguards include
  • Staff training, education, and awareness activities
  • Policies and procedures, access agreements, confidentiality agreements, etc.
  • Technical barriers such as limited access to Meditech and other programs
  • Physical controls such as badge access to restricted areas.
In addition to the safeguards, DCMC communicates to patients their rights with respect to their confidential information through the published “Notice of Privacy Practices” available at the Registration area or on the DCMC site under Patient Privacy.

DCMC’s Corporate Responsibility Program is available in Policy Stat and includes Standards of Conduct.  Multiple other compliance and privacy policies are also available at PolicyStat.  Failure to either act in a compliant manner or to safeguard the privacy and security of confidential patient health information may jeopardize the wellbeing of the patients served, result in fines and penalties, and impact the overall success of DCMC.
For questions, comments, or to report compliance or patient privacy issues anonymously, the Helpline number is 746-3643 or Ext. 3643.  For other compliance inquiries, please contact Nancy Davis, Director of Compliance & Safety at 746-3567 or
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