Door Healthy Weight Center

A whole-being approach to losing weight
and changing your life.

Door County Healthy Weight Center


Our physical health and our mental health are closely interconnected. How we think and feel affects our physical health, and how we treat our physical health affects our thoughts and feelings.

Door Healthy Weight Center is an individualized program focused not only on weight loss, but the reasons why you overeat. The program provides guidance, professional support, and information during the entire journey so you are never left on your own to figure out how to navigate sustainable weight loss.

You will work through the emotions of eating, improve your eating habits and start an exercise plan. We tailor this approach to your individual needs to ensure independence and sustainability. All of these facets lead to long-term improved mental and physical health and your general well-being.

This is a cash-based program with support from a Behavior Health Therapist, a Registered Dietician, and an Exercise Professional, as well as regular contact with a Registered Nurse Clinical Health Coach to support you through this journey to a healthier you.

One Year Program

  • 22 visits with a Behavioral Health Therapist
  • 12 visits with a Registered Dietitian
  • 2 visits with an Exercise Professional
  • Regular touchpoints with a Registered Nurse Clinical Health Coach


  • Advance cash payment of $2,060 (this is the total cost of the program). HSA or flex spending accounts may be used. Please check with your employer. Financial assistance may be available.
  • Internet access and an email account.


For more information or to get started, call 920.743.0530.