Family Medicine

The focus is on treating the whole person, acknowledging the effects of all outside influences, and providing continuity of care through all stages of life. Family physicians are trained with the intent to be able to deal with the entire spectrum of medical issues that might be encountered by the members of a family unit.


Family Medicine physicians provide continuing and comprehensive health care for individuals and entire families across all ages, genders, diseases and parts of the body. The specialty is based on knowledge of the patient in the context of the family and the community. With an emphasis on disease prevention and health promotion, the aim of family medicine is to provide personal, comprehensive, and continuing care.

At Door County Medical Center our Family Medicine Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, and Physician Assistants deliver a range of acute, chronic and preventive medical care services. In addition to diagnosing and treating illness, they also provide preventive care, including routine checkups, health-risk assessments, immunization and screening tests, and personalized counseling on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our Physicians and providers are also trained to coordinate care among different specialists and subspecialists when these services are needed by their patients.

All of our Family Physicians have completed an undergraduate degree, medical school, and three more years of specialized medical residency training in family medicine. Their residency training includes rotations in internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics-gynecology, psychiatry, surgery, emergency medicine, and geriatrics.

Emphasis on outpatient medicine, continuity of care, health maintenance, and disease prevention makes one of our Family Physicians an ideal choice for your primary care provider.

Our Nurse Practitioners work together on teams with physicians to provide direct medical care to patients of all ages across primary, specialty, hospital and long-term care settings. A Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse with a master's or doctorate degree. They have advanced education, training and certification in the diagnosis, management, prevention and treatment of common and complex medical conditions. Nurse practitioners are also referred to as advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) and advanced practice providers (APPs). Their training focuses on nursing and medical models of care, overall health and wellness.