Pete and Jelaine Horton Center Skilled Nursing Facility

The goal of the Pete and Jelaine Horton Center Skilled Nursing Facility is to provide patient-centered care in a home-like environment. What this means to short and long term residents is that we provide the care our elders deserve in a respectful, caring environment.


Door County Medical Center Skilled Nursing FacilityThe Pete and Jelaine Horton Center Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) at DCMC provides professional, compassionate care for people in need of Long Term or Rehabilitative care.

Residents choose their meals from a variety of food options and consult regularly with one of our Registered Dietitians. Every resident is encouraged to eat in the comfort of the dining room however each is welcome to eat in the privacy of their room if they chose.

SNF staff members strive to understand each resident as an individual and care is tailored to personal needs. Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses and Certified Nursing Assistants come together with residents and loved ones to ensure comfort while optimizing every resident’s potential. Professional Rehabilitation Therapists including; Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy are on staff to maximize mobility, independence and communication.

The Pete and Jelaine Horton Center Skilled Nursing Facility is rated 5 STARs on CMS’ Nursing Home Compare. It is a 32 bed facility featuring all private rooms. Two of the 32 beds are dedicated to end of life care for those individuals in the community who can no longer stay in their homes at this critical time. Immediately adjacent to these two beds are family rooms available for loved one who chose to spend the night or even 24 hours a day as residents approach end of life. Our facility is located within the Medical Complex and in addition to having direct access to DCMC Physicians, Emergency, Lab and X-Ray services; we are contracted with a variety of Hospice Providers. Supportive Services for all residents are provided by in-house Spiritual and Social Services.

The SNF Activities Director works collaboratively with residents to promote social interaction and cognitively stimulating activities. Social events include live music, community outings and celebrations.

The DCMC Memory Clinic and Mental Health Specialists are available for consult should a need arise.

Contribute to the Skilled Nursing Facility 

Door County Medical Center Skilled Nursing Facility
Door County Medical Center Skilled Nursing Facility Resident's Room
Door County Medical Center Skilled Nursing Facility Dining Room


  • Visitors are welcomed to dine with residents however we ask that you consider having the meal in a room other than the dining room as it can become congested.
  • Visitors are allowed to bring meals or go to the hospital cafeteria. Only one visitor is allowed to be served a meal at no charge from the resident menu and that offering is made after all residents have been served.
  • Meals are served at 8:00 am, noon and 5:00 pm.

We do not provide televisions, you are welcomed to bring your own. Cable service through Spectrum is available.


Residents can have landline telephones installed in their rooms at their own expense. Many residents choose to use their cell phones. Residents can use the facility phone to make and receive calls. The SNF phone number is 920-746-3719

Pet visits

Pets can visit provided the following rules are met:

  • Pets must be up to date with vaccines. You can bring in your records or your veterinarian can fax records to 920-746-0492
  • Pets must be on leashes and in control at all times
  • Pets are not allowed in areas where food is being served
  • The Pet Visitation Agreement is signed
  • Always clean up after your pet
Beautician/barber services

Each Wednesday volunteers from the Auxiliary provide salon services, which generally include shampoo/sets or haircuts. Your personal beautician or barber is welcomed to come in and use the salon.

Climate control

Each room has its own thermostat that can be adjusted to your preferred temperature. Portable space heaters, electric blankets and heating pads are not allowed.

Visiting hours

Visitation is allowed 24/7.

Refrigerators in living rooms
  • Food can be kept in the refrigerator in the living rooms and must be labeled with resident’s name or room number and dated when it was brought in.
  • Perishable items may be left in the refrigerator for no more than three days and must be dated with the day brought in and the discard date. Items will be disposed of after the discard date.
  • Unlabeled items will be discarded and containers for discarded items will not be saved.
  • Stickers for labeling food containers are in the drawer next to the refrigerator.
Extension cords

Extension cords and power strips are not allowed.


SNF does personal laundry on site. We only launder items with hot water temperatures so launder clothing needing special care elsewhere. If you provide personal blankets, make sure they are labeled clearly as bedding is sent out to be laundered.


Blankets or comforters brought from home must be twin sized. Anything larger can be a tripping and infection control hazard.

Home medications

Medications and bandages from home are not allowed. This includes over the counter medications and cough drops.


It is preferable that you do not bring expensive jewelry, or valuable items that could easily be lost.

Personal toiletries

You are welcomed to bring your electric razor and personal toiletries.

Large gatherings

Check with facility staff if you are thinking about having visitors, which would require gathering outside the resident room.