Behavioral Health & Psychotherapy

We offer three service lines, depending on individual patients’ needs. All services are provided in the comfort and privacy of Door County Medical Center, and your provider can help you decide which services are best for you.


The health of the mind and the body are deeply connected. At some time in their lives, almost everyone could benefit from behavioral health services due to changes in their health, relationships or family dynamics. That’s why we established our Behavioral Health Program to help support the mental health needs of our community. Services are available to patients ages 12 years and up.

Behavioral Health Integration (BHI)

Behavioral Health Integration is an innovative program designed to meet the mental and behavioral health needs of primary care patients and provide strategies and support for improving health.

The program offers help to those needing support with depression, anxiety, risky alcohol or other drug use, or tobacco cessation, with the goal of helping patients change behaviors that interfere with a healthy lifestyle.

BHI is a team approach, with you and your family as the most important team member(s). The team is anchored by your Primary Care Provider (PCP) – someone who knows you and your family, as well as your lifestyle preferences and needs. Other team members may include a Behavioral Health Provider, a licensed clinical social worker who provides evidence-based strategies and support to assist you in improving your health.

Behavioral Health Psychotherapy Services

Behavioral Health Psychotherapy Services are geared towards those with moderate to severe mental health needs. Symptoms may be related to recent or prior traumatic events, and this mode of care typically requires longer-term services. Our licensed clinical social workers can work with most mental health concerns and diagnoses. Patients need not be Door County Medical Group patients – anyone can be referred to this service.

Behavioral Health Psychiatric Services

Behavioral Health Psychiatric Services are designed for those with mental health needs that may benefit from medication. This service line includes a thorough evaluation and medication when appropriate. Patients need not be Door County Medical Center patients – anyone can be referred to this service. For more information, contact Behavioral Health at 920-746-0510.

Download Door County Mental Health & Crisis Prevention Resource Guide