Behavioral Health Campaign

Door County Mental Health AssistanceAcross the country, mental health has increasingly become a health emergency. The COVID-19 Pandemic magnified this problem and has pushed the nation and the world into a mental health crisis. Door County has not been exempt from this crisis.

"Access to behavioral health services in our community is a significant issue," Door County Medical Center's (DCMC's) Behavioral Health Coordinator, Barb Johnson-Giese, said. "In Door County, the ratio of population to mental health providers is 740:1. The ratio in the state of WI is currently 420:1, which ranks 34th in the nation."

Depression, anxiety and drug and alcohol abuse have risen astronomically in all age groups, but especially among children, young adults and senior citizens. Providing high-quality behavioral health treatment is something medical centers across the country struggle with. Fortunately, for Door County residents, DCMC has been quick to identify the array of challenges that often leave patients and practitioners alike distraught.

To combat this, DCMC has put together a comprehensive strategy to strengthen and expand the Behavioral Health Program and the Foundation has pledged to help make it a reality.

Our goal is to raise $3 million over the next five years to help accomplish this ambitious plan and improve the mental wellbeing and the lives of our community members.

Your support will help us strengthen this vital service and ensure that every member of our community receives the behavioral health care they deserve.

The Path Forward

Strengthen Our Base

  • Expand Behavioral Health services to all school districts in Door County and Algoma
  • Provide at least one full-time behavioral health provider at each outreach clinic location
  • Expand the Senior Life Solutions Program to better serve isolated older adults
  • Expand Substance Use Disorder (SUD) services
  • Provide dedicated space for the Behavioral Health Program in Sturgeon Bay and at outreach clinic locations

Increase Availability of Psychiatric and Psychological Services

  • Hire a full-time Psychologist and Psychiatrist
  • Establish a Tele-Psychiatry Program in the Emergency Department

Increase Acceptability of Behavioral Health Treatment

  • Develop and implement an extensive public relations campaign

Fundraising Campaign - $3.0 Million for Behavioral Health Program enhancements

Help Make a Difference

Support Behavioral Health Services in Door County