Lab Drive-Thru

When you’re traveling with an entourage of littles … try the DCMC Laboratory Drive-Thru!

Drive-Thru Lab Services


We provide fast, convenient, high quality care all within the comfort of your own car. Self-Schedule today through your patient portal!

Tips to make your visit extra easy:

  • Be prepared with access to your “best” arm.
    • Think about wardrobe. Wear clothing with short or loose sleeves that can be rolled up above the elbow.
    • We will draw from your left arm if you are the driver, your right arm if you are in the passenger seat. If you have one arm that works better than the other, consider that when choosing your seat.
  • Use your patient portal to complete registration in advance. You can register, upload your insurance cards and sign your consent all from the portal before your visit.
  • We ask that you make your appointment at least two days in advance so we can make sure we have orders from your clinician. If you see a clinician outside of DCMC, have them fax your orders in advance to 920-746-3660.


  • Q: How do I schedule a drive through visit?
    • A: You can self-schedule at the drive through on your portal or request the drive through location when you call for an appointment.
  • Q: What if I had a bad reaction to a blood draw in the past?
    • A: If blood draws make you feel light headed or squeamish, we completely understand. Please make sure you schedule your draw inside our clinic location so we can give you a little extra TLC.
  • Q: Can my dog ride along with me?
    • A: We know how much those furry friends love to come along for the ride. Canine companions are welcome as long as they can follow proper lab etiquette; they need to stay in the back seat or on their side of the car to ensure you can have the safest experience. If your dog is anxious or afraid of strangers, please leave them at home to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort.
  • Q: What if I need to provide a urine sample?
    • A: We will provide you with a collection kit to take with you. You can return to the drive through later to drop your specimen off, or bring it with you the next time you come into the clinic for an appointment. If you return the sample on another day, you will have to reregister.
  • Q: Is it safe for me to drive after a blood draw?
    • A: Most individuals feel great after a blood draw and are ready to carry on with normal activity. If you do need to rest before you drive on, we have several rest stop parking spots available for you to pull over and recuperate.
  • Q: Is there an extra fee for using the drive through?
    • A: No, the lab draw and test fees are the same at the clinic and drive through site. There is no change to how your insurance is billed or reimbursed.
  • Q: Can my child be drawn at the drive through?
    • A: Children age 10 or older are eligible to be drawn at the drive through. However, if this is their first blood draw or you have concerns about how they may react, we suggest you schedule them at our clinic lab so we can provide them with some extra TLC.
  • Q: How do you know what lab tests I need?
    • A: We ask that you schedule two days in advance so that we can review your orders with your clinician and ensure we have all the test orders that we need. If you have lab orders from a clinician outside of DCMC, please have them fax your orders in advance to 920-746-3660, so we can be prepared when you arrive.
Lab Drive-Thru
Monday – Friday: 6 a.m. – 2 p.m.
Saturday: 7 – 11 a.m.
319 S. 18th Avenue
Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
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