Types of Orthopedic Care

From children that need a cast on a broken arm to mature adults who need total joint replacement, our team will provide the best type of care for your Orthopedic need.

Our comprehensive approach brings together a team of skilled surgeons with specially-trained nurses, therapists and technicians to provide you with seamless, coordinated care.

Door County Orthopedic Patient

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Is knee pain keeping you up? Is knee pain limiting your life? Knee pain can affect people of all ages. From ACL injuries in our local scholar athletes to knee pain in our more senior guests, Door Orthopedic Center has the experts and the facilities to evaluate and treat your knee. Our attention to the individual and pride in excellence has led to our patients consistently ranking us highest in the nation with regard to satisfaction and likelihood to refer a friend.  That’s right, and that’s all right here in Door County.

Orthopedic Care in Door County at Door County Medical Center
Dr. Daniel Tomaszewski
The Best Orthopedics Care in Northeast Wisconsin
DCMC Rehab


A shoulder injury or progressive shoulder pain can really impact your life and lifestyle.  At Door Orthopedic Center we have the facilities and the experts to diagnose and treat shoulder pain of all kinds.  From soft tissue injuries like rotator cuff tears and shoulder dislocations to bone issues like arthritis and fractures, we have a team committed to comprehensive care of your shoulder.

Wisconsin Shoulder Orthopedic Care
Wisconsin Shoulder Orthopedic Care
Door Orthopedic Center Shoulder Replacement


At Door Orthopedic Center, we evaluate and treat hip pain of all kinds. Whether you need physical therapy, an injection, surgery or even just some reassurance, we are here to help. Our highly trained and experienced orthopedic experts take great pride in the privilege of treating our patients. Like Door County, you are unique and our care is tailored to your unique situation.

Wisconsin Hip Orthopedic Care
Door County Hip Orthopedic Care
Door Orthopedic Center Hip Pain Relief


Hand pain, dysfunction, numbness, or tingling are all very common concerns we see at the Door Orthopedic Center. These issues can effect anyone at any age. If your hand is keeping you up at night, or limiting your quality of life by day, see how we can help get your hand back. 

Wisconsin Hand Orthopedic Care
Door County Orthopedic Hand Treatment
Door Orthopedic Center Hand Issues


Foot and ankle pain will limit your mobility. We at Door Orthopedic Center have the knowledge and expertise to properly evaluate, diagnosis and treat your complaints both conservatively and surgically. Common problems include bunions, hammertoes, ingrowing nails, plantar fasciitis and tendonitis. Geriatric and diabetic wound care are also provided. Please take advantage of our care.

Foot Pain Relief Door Orthopedic Center
Door County Orthopedic Foot Treatment
Door Orthopedic Center Foot Pain Treatment


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